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FAA Knowledge Test Audio  FAA Knowledge Test Audio FAA Written Test Preparation
Not yet a GroundSchool Audio Customer? Click here to learn more or to Purchase

GroundSchool FAA Audio "learning by listening" reviews are a great way to prepare for your next FAA written (knowledge) test and a great complement to our series of FAA knowledge test prep apps. We have an audio prep for pretty much every FAA knowledge test available.

There are two basic ways to get the audio. The way that most people do is that they get one of our test prep apps (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows PC, or Mac) and then purchase the audio through that at a highly discounted "add-on/combo" price as an optional add-in. This is a great way to study since it gives you access to both the audio and the full set of figures and detailed explanations that come with the app. All else being equal, if you're looking to study for an FAA test, an "app + audio" package is the way to go. If that sounds like something you're interested in, click here to visit the GroundSchool FAA Audio Prep Homepage and then select the platform version of your choice (such as "iPhone/iPad App + Audio") to learn more about how you can get started right away.

It is also possible to get the audio prep on a stand-alone basis. If you do this, you'll get an access code that you can use to log in below. Once you're in, you can download DRM-free MP3 files to your PC or Mac which you can then transfer to your iPod or other music player or burn to audio CD for listening to in the car if your PC or Mac has a CD burner. If this interests you, click here to visit the GroundSchool FAA Audio Prep Homepage and from there select the "MP3 Only (Audio Only)" option to learn more or to purchase instant access.

To access GroundSchool FAA written test preparation audio presentations, you must have a valid unlock keycode for the audio products. If you do not have one, click here to purchase one now. If you have already purchased but can not locate your keycode, click here for assistance in locating it.

You will only have an access keycode if you purchased an "mp3 download" version of the Audio. If, instead, you purchased the audio as an in-app purchase for your Mac, iPhone/iPad, or Android device, you will not have acceess to this download system, but instead will be able to listen to the SAME CONTENT through the "learning by listening" mode in our GroundSchool app on your device.

Email: *
Unlock / Access code: *

Please note that many, but not all, of the access codes for this system start with the letters 'GFA'. So, if you have multiple codes, check to see if one starts with 'GFA...'

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